2012 NECC

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2012 NECC

Postby Mojave Magic » Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:34 pm

I made my only appearance at an NECC race today. This is one of the closest races at under 3 hour away, but it's a pretty harsh track and I would do more damage in 5 races with this series than I have done in 2 years with GNCC. I ran the whole series in 2009 and beat the old Mojave up pretty good.

I drove out the night before even though it was close, so I would at least sleep good. I must say that my blanket/sleeping bag combination has worked great and I was warm even at 28 degrees overnight. I'm not sure it was a ton warmer when we started the race at 10am! I looked and saw a stock kfx400 to my left, a 400ex on the far right, and really nice TRX450r to my immediate, but with bald tire and decided it was holeshot time :D . I watched carefully, because I'm not used to the flag guy for this series and ended up blowing everyone away. I hammered down right from the start and never let up. My hands were wet and frozen after 10 minutes, but I tried to ignore them and focus on seeing how high up in the overall I could climb. I passed people all day, but came around expecting the checkered flag and only got a white. I went through scoring and walked 50 feet up to the truck to get new gloves if I was doing another lap. I saw that 2 hours had passed and my leg started to cramp, so I decided to just call it a day, since this was for fun.

I still ended up winning 16-29B by 11 minutes! and finished 18th out of 41 overall. Looking at lap times, I could have finished somewhere between 7 and 11 overall if I had done and extra lap. I also managed to avoid destroying the quad on a very rough course, so that's always good. Now to start planning my winter rebuild and refreshing of things.
2001 Mojave with a few goodies.

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